Who we are

We are Laboratorio Sin Fronteras – Arts for Human Development. Our purpose seeks the healing and expansion of the human being through meditation, projected to artistic creation. We were born in 2013 within Laboratorio Escuela, an experimental theater school founded by Jessica Walker in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain.

The mountain

Considered as the physical manifestation of Lord Shiva, Arunachala has been a place of pilgrimage and devotion for thousands of years. A point of high vibration that concentrates an intense spiritual activity during the year, with pilgrimages en masse each full moon. The energy of Arunachala is a direct inspiration for the creation of the event.

The Festival

Arunachala Bhakti Lab will take place on february 24th to march 1st, 2020. It´s a one week celebration, a journey to the soul through Theatre, Dance, Yoga, Music, Art and Meditation. It is a joyful gathering in a beautiful resort in nature, near Arunachala. Throughout classes and activities, we will have an experience of connection and creativity, working the body, mind and spirit.
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The stage is a place to find your soul

Jessica Walker


Arunachala Bhakti Lab offers six days of group coexistence, spiritual training and creative activity in contact with nature.

We offer you a powerful program, with classes, workshops and activities from morning to evening.

We´ll have tasty vegetarian food to help the cleaning process you will experience during those days.

06:00 AM Sungazing
07:00 AM Yoga
08:00 AM Breakfast
09:30 AM Laboratorio Class
12:30 AM Lunch
15:30 AM Workshops
17:00 PM Tea and fruits
18:00 PM Laboratorio Bakhti
19:00 PM Dinner
20:00 PM Kirtan / Open Stage / Jams





Creator of the Arunachala Bakhti Lab.

Founder of the Laboratorio Escuela in Barcelona.

“Spirit Calling Up Spirit!!!!”

Camilo Zaffora. Chief Coordinator.

Yogesh Arunachala. Kirtan.

Prem Kumar. Production.

Maria Martin. Chief Coordinator.

Mincho Fuertes. Musician.

Priyanka Xavier. Workshop.

Fedora Fonseca. Yoga.

Sangeeta Lavin. Kirtan.

Fakeera Baanwra. Teacher.

Isabel Solana. Satsang.

Gonzalo Santos. Photos & Video.

Loida Farelo. Translator.


The place where the Festival will take place is the Mountain Retreat. This beautiful resort is located just 4 km from Ramana Maharishi Ashram, and its landscape is dominated by the majesty of Mount Arunachala.

The space is prepared to attend all the needs of the attendees, to provide an atmosphere of care and provide nutritious meals and rest to their guests.


The resort where the event is held is located on the outskirts of Tiruvannamalai, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The nearest airport to Tiruvannamalai is Chennai (3 and a half hours) and Bangalore (four hours). From the airport you can access the city by Bus or Taxi.

We provide you the contact of a taxi that charges good price to bring you from Chennai airport to Tiruvannamalai. His name is Logu, his telephone number is +91 9787 163 123 and his mail is Be sure to contact him a few days before your arrival, to make sure he picks you up at the airport. The trip from Chennai airport to Tirumannavalai is 3200 rss.

If you want to travel by bus, here are the schedules.

Bus Schedule

The way to arrive at the Sri Anantha Niketan Ashram from Tiruvannamalai is by taxi or rickshaw.

We provide you the contact of a rickshaw that will charge you good price from Tiruvannamalai to the Mountain Resort. He’s called Kamal, his number is +91 94428 09982. The price is about 200 rss, but it all depends on where you take it (200 rss costs from the Ramanashram).

We will open a Facebook group for the attendees of the Festival, so that they organize themselves in sharing the taxi or rickshaw.

You need a Visa to be able to enter in India. You can obtain it through this official site of the indian government.

Regarding health aspects (food, vaccines, etc) you can find out everything you need to know in this webpage.